Personal Coaching & Skills Development for
Women Entrepreneurs

Release Havoc Mastermind

Turn your back on deeply rooted, limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in the person you don’t want to be. Betray your history and choose yourself. Be a renegade. Release Havoc.

— Dr. Lisa & Dean Kathy

Ready to Become a Renegade?

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Release Havoc is for entrepreneurial women ready to break from their tired, limiting beliefs and habits to rebuild themselves as bold, confident business owners and leaders. We combine personal development coaching with hard skills training and in-your-face accountability so you can truly operate like the boss you are.

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Is Release Havoc for you?

We’re not for every woman, and that’s ok. We might be the right mastermind for you if:

  • You've been in business for a few years, but still feel like a startup

    You launched at least 3 years ago, and you've got solid sales. Maybe you've got a few loyal clients, but you know you could be doing much better. Your month-to-month income is still a little shaky - a couple late payments would really mess up your bills.

  • You're feeling stuck

    Your business feels a lot like a job. You feel like you're spinning your wheels and nothing you do seems to make more sales happen.

  • You're Ready for a Change

    You know it's time to take stock of where you are, and review your mission, vision, and goals to see if they still fit - and you're ready to do the work.

  • You can get out your feelings

    We will be completely honest with you. For most of us, our business is part of our identity. Making changes is personal, and sometimes, painful. If you can get past the discomfort to grow - there's success on the other side!

  • You're ready to build a legacy, not just run a business.

    Our motivation is building generational wealth. Foundations for companies and businesses that grow in the family or get sold to larger entities. If your business is just a way to fund your current lifestyle, we're probably not be on the same page. (And there's nothing wrong with that.)

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